Keep Away From Facebook Advertising

We wanted to share our experience about Facebook advertising with our customers.. Recently couple of customers wanted to advertise on Facebook to attract more customers. We created campaigns on behalf of our customers to market their website and Facebook Business page. After the campaign started, the page is quickly getting many likes, We were delighted. However, as we looked closer, it appears suspicious!! We decided to research about Facebook Ad reviews and we came across this video that shows EVERY THING we seen while we were managing our client's Facebook advertising. At least 80% of the LIKES and comments are FAKE. At first we thought only the likes are fake but right after we stopped advertising on Facebook, these people who were leaving comments, stopped engaging with the page too.We strongly recommend our clients stop using Facebook ads. You can build your own REAL likes but placing Like button to your website. Don't forget 100 Real Likes better than 1000 Fake likes.

We invite you to watch this video before you waste your money and time on Facebook